Re: Do non-positional number systems present security issues?

From: karl williamson (
Date: Fri Apr 16 2010 - 11:14:37 CDT

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    Thanks for your response.

    Shriramana Sharma wrote:
    > On 2010-Apr-12 22:39, karl williamson wrote:
    >> Can anyone tell me: Are there other scripts where Gc=Nd characters can
    >> behave with other than the positional meanings of the digits 0-9? The
    >> only technical note that has "number" in the title is the one that
    >> Shriramana mentioned, so I'm assuming not.
    > How about Telugu? IIRC the original proposal for the Telugu fractions
    > submitted by Nagarjuna Venna has examples for the Telugu digits being
    > used as modifiers for the fractions or something.

    I looked this up, and found a paper by N. Venna, and it looks like what
    Unicode adopted was things like U+0C78: TELUGU FRACTION DIGIT ZERO FOR
    ODD POWERS OF FOUR. But their category is No, not Nd.

    > And for Devanagari? The above same for the "generic North Indic
    > fractions" proposed by Anshuman Pandey.

    I looked this up as well, and these fractions, eg. U+A830: NORTH INDIC
    FRACTION ONE QUARTER also have general category No.

    Apparently there are no other cases of non-positional notation digits
    having general category=Nd.

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