CJK Ideograph Fragments

From: Uriah Eisenstein (uriaheisenstein@gmail.com)
Date: Wed Apr 28 2010 - 13:03:52 CDT

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    My question is about common components of CJK Ideographs which are not
    encoded as independent Han characters (and perhaps indeed aren't). A good
    example is the right-hand part of the character 漢 itself: it is a distinct
    component appearing in multiple other characters, but is not encoded to the
    best of my knowledge. The same goes for the top part of 鳥 and 島, the
    surrounding part of 與 and 興 and several others. My question is whether there
    are any plans or discussions for encoding these fragments in Unicode.

    (I haven't found anything about this in mailing list archives; I did find
    statements that Unicode does not intend to provide any decomposition data of
    Han characters :) And for good reasons. However, such fragments may well be
    useful for third-party software dealing with 漢字 glyph generation, lookup by
    components etc.)

    Uriah Eisenstein

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