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From: Tulasi (
Date: Mon May 31 2010 - 14:33:03 CDT

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    Thanks Mark for posting the links!
    My posting was based on
    where in the bottom it said Unicode Inc.

    Looks like the elected members from consortium
    forms Unicode Inc.

    Am I correct?

    In this link
    it looks like less than 100 members in the consortium.
    How many members currently do you have who can vote to elect?

    says Unicode consortium is non-profit organization.

    Recently I have purchased Windows 7 from Microsoft Corporation
    This product has Unicode fonts for number of language.

    But Microsoft Corporation is for profit.
    So it looks like Unicode Inc is for profit through its elected officials,
    but Unicode consortium is non-profit.

    Am I correct?

    I still do not understand:
    What is the role of this Director exactly?


    From: Mark Davis <>
    Date: Fri, 28 May 2010 09:14:00 -0700
    Subject: Re: Unicode Inc
    To: Tulasi <>
    Cc: Unicode Discussion <>

    See The consortium is
    constituted according to its bylaws:

    Roughly, it is constituted by its membership:, which elects the directors
    yearly. The officers report to the directors, and are responsible for the
    running of the consortium. The technical work is delegated to the technical
    committees, which operate according to their procedures.

    The background of the officers and directors can be found on For a historical view,


    On Thu, May 27, 2010 at 17:32, Tulasi <> wrote:

    I am new to this group.
    I am browsing
    It looks like Unicode Inc is formed by
    Google, Inc.
    Microsoft Corporation
    IBM Corporation

    Have I understood correct?

    Also it looks like Unicode Incorporate has one director to represent
    whole Asia, while Asia has more languages than any continent.

    What is the role of this Director exactly?


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