Re: Bengali Script

From: Michael S. Kaplan (
Date: Thu Jul 08 2010 - 20:48:45 CDT

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    > Ok I am correcting - "Bangladeshi" to "Bengali".
    > Thanks for FAQ and other links!
    > It looks like Government of Bangladesh (GOB) has a standard.
    > West Bengal Government (WBG) has a standard as well.
    > Where can I see all letters/symbols found in GOB standard?
    > Where can I see all letters/symbols found in WBG standard?
    > Among both, which standard has more letters/symbols?
    > I have read FAQ and googled as well, but I could not find any JPG
    > images of both standards. It looks like both standards may not have
    > exactly same numbers of letters/symbols.
    > Tulasi

    Perhaps we could allow them to get settled in first before pepper them
    with so many questions, particularly ones comparing them to somebody
    else's standard. Doubtlessly if they believe anything to be missing in
    Unicode we will hear from them soon enough. :-)


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