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    I cannot even imagine the level of misunderstandings you seem to have on how the process works. New characters are proposed to either ISO/IEC JTC1/SC2/WG2 or the Unicode Technical Committee or simultaneously to both (like I have done). In all cases they will be included in ISO/IEC 10646 and The Unicode Standard only after an agreement has been worked out on the need to encode them and on their names by both committees. Sometimes this is a very long process, and it would be wrong to state that some characters are "discovered" by either organization.

    Incidentally, the character names in the various ISO/IEC 8859 parts were aligned with those in the 10646/Unicode when those parts were last updated some ten years ago.

    I can only agree with Mark on his suggestion. Also, you have already been pointed out several times where to find the relevant information.


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    Link is working, thanks! I spent some times with no luck on link as
    well as, because I wanted to find:

    The list of Latin letters/symbols that Unicode has discovered.

    Here, a letter/symbol with LATIN in its name in Unicode/ISO is a Latin
    letter/symbol. And I call a "Latin letter/symbol" discovered by
    Unicode if it created the name before ISO in the standard otherwise
    discovered by ISO.

    Can you email the list of Latin letters/symbols that Unicode discovered?

    Can you also email list of letters/symbols that are not Latin but each
    has LATIN in its name?

    > The merger between Unicode and ISO 10646 caused a few character names in
    > Unicode to be changed to match the 10646 names.

    Can you email the list of these letters/symbols as well, including names?


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    See the following for the (many) differences between characters with
    the Latin script, and those with LATIN in their names.\p{script:latin}&b=\p{name:/LATIN/}

    I'd suggest taking a more focused approach to learning about the
    standard, rather than trying relatively scattershot questions to this
    list. You might read through at least the first 3 chapters of the
    Unicode Standard, plus the Scripts UAX. These are all online for free


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