Re: Reasonable to propose stability policy on numeric type = decimal

From: John Burger (
Date: Tue Jul 27 2010 - 09:00:22 CDT

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    karl williamson wrote:

    > Asmus Freytag wrote:
    >> The situation is worse than you indicate, because the same characters
    >> are also used as elements in a system that doesn't use place-value,
    >> but
    >> uses special characters to show powers of 10.
    > I would think I wouldn't support these numbers, since we couldn't be
    > unambiguously sure of what was intended.
    > Another issue that I brought up a while back on this list is Tamil
    > numbers, where western practice seems to have infiltrated enough that
    > Unicode gave them Gc=Nd, but IIRC from the responses I got back then,
    > they can appear in older style with other characters meaning 10, 100,
    > 1000. In implementing this, if any of the other characters were
    > encountered in parsing such a number, it would disqualify it.

    I think you could treat the Han digits the same way: In some of the
    Chinese news corpora I work with, the ten Han digits are frequently
    used Western-style, especially for years, phone numbers, and other

    - John D. Burger

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