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Date: Wed Jul 28 2010 - 17:09:01 CDT

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    Quoting CE Whitehead <>:

    > 'g' is a non-Arabic sound ... and there is no "g" in Standard
    > Arabic although there are two ways to write it ...

    Oh, there are many more than two ways to write the [g] sound in
    Arabic. Standard Arabic traditionally transcribes foreign [g] as ghain
    U+063A, as in Granada. But particular locales have devised their own

    Morocco: kaf with 3 dots U+0763, as in Agadir:

    Tunisia: qaf with 3 dots U+06A8, as in Gafsa:

    Israel: jeem with 3 dots U+0686, as in Giv'at Shemuel:

    Then there are dialects of Arabic that do have the [g] sound -- in
    Egypt jeem U+062C is pronunced as [g] (think of Gamal Abdel Nasser),
    and in many other places qaf U+0642 is pronounced as [g] (think of
    Muammar al-Gaddafi). And that's just Arabic...

    Persian and Urdu write [g] using a kaf character with a line above
    U+06AF, while Pashto uses kaf with a ring U+06AB. It really should be
    that simple. You might expect a substitution if someone does not have
    a character in their font or doesn't know how to access it from a
    keyboard. However, I noticed the Persian character alongside the
    Pashto one inside a single Pashto document, and that's just strange.


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