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Date: Fri Aug 06 2010 - 18:23:07 CDT

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    In some Microsoft products, e.g., Word, WordPad, OneNote and Outlook, you can type ctrl+~ followed by n to get ņ. Or you can type F1 alt+x to get ņ. The alt+x conversion of hex Unicode values is easier than the alt+numpad approach, since the Unicode Standard is in hex.


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    Hey all,

    Quickie question-
    I got a new laptop, but there is no number pad. Not even one integrated with the function keys.
    Any idea how I can make special characters for which the number pad is required?
    Example: In Spanish, tomorrow is maņana. How can I make the enye (code was alt-0241, made now with the charmap) with the keyboard?


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