Re: number padless?

From: David Perry (
Date: Fri Aug 06 2010 - 18:52:15 CDT

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    It all depends on what language(s) you need, how often you need to enter
    non-English characters, and what software you use.

    For occasional use, there's charmap (as you have discovered) or, if you
    use a word processor such as MS Word or OpenOffice WRiter that provides
    an Insert/Symbol type of function, you can get the characters that way.
      But that's too slow for frequent use. Or, in Word, type the Unicode
    hex value for the character you want and then Alt-x. There's also an
    OpenOffice add-in that provides this functionality.

    Install the US-International keyboard, which provides access to
    characters needed for western European languages and is quite convenient.

    If you need characters non on the US-International kbd, install one of
    the many language-specific keyboards that ship with Windows, or if
    necessary make your own using the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator.

    You can set it up so that Alt-Left Shift will cycle through the various
    keyboards you have installed. Consult the Windows help system if you
    don't know how to install additional languages and keyboards.


    ChiGuy wrote:
    > Hey all,
    > Quickie question-
    > I got a new laptop, but there is no number pad. Not even one integrated
    > with the function keys.
    > Any idea how I can make special characters for which the number pad is
    > required?
    > Example: In Spanish, tomorrow is maņana. How can I make the enye (code
    > was alt-0241, made now with the charmap) with the keyboard?
    > thanks!

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