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From: Ngwe Tun (
Date: Tue Nov 09 2010 - 04:05:06 CST

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    Dear Peter Constable,
    Burmese_is_supported in windows.*

    It makes worse than ever to create another story like pseudo-unicode like
    Zawgyi in Windows. too.

    We are in dead-lock because without releasing Myanmar Opentype specifiction
    for burmese by Microsoft. We can't implement burmese in opentype adopted
    rendering engine like pango and harfbuzz.

    We are not satisify just typing burmese text and printing burmese text. We
    want to have effective use of unicode data in burmese language processing
    like spelling check, machine translation and OCR.

    So, Do we need system locale for Burmese? How about CultureInfo for
    Microsoft .Net Framework.

    I've encouraged to use Unicode standards among Myanmar Users. Myanmar Users
    willing to use unicode standards in their works, personal and every
    application. But there are no advantages in using Unicode Standards and CLDR
    too. If make standards and do not apply those standards in
    software and systems, how can we trust those standards. Myanmar Users do not
    wait on Microsoft, Apple, Oracle implementation. They are going wrong or
    breakthrough solution.

    Again. I have to say caution about ethnics language. We should take care
    about Mon, Shan and Karen Language which is encoded in Unicode 5.1 But
    Microsoft didn't assign yet for those language in Windows 7

    I'm trying to get Burmese Language Pack in Microsoft Windows .since 2002. I
    gave up and no more try to get it. Microsoft not waiting stable Standards,
    Politics and/or Technical. I don't not any of reason for delaying our
    beloved language.

    Thanks for reading it and support for 40 million speaking language. We did
    petition to Microsoft at is the good dictionary site. It is started but not
    yet finisned.


    Ngwe Tun

    On Tue, Nov 9, 2010 at 8:52 AM, Peter Constable <>wrote:

    > From: [] On
    > Behalf Of Andrew Cunningham
    > >> Your system locale has to handle the Burmese language. So you need to
    > >> either install Windows 7 in Burmese or change under Regional /
    > >> Language options in Control panel, under Adv tab.
    > > well considering Burmese is a language that is not supported by Microsoft
    > ... the above is relatively irrelevant.
    > At whatever point Burmese _is_ supported in Windows, system locale will not
    > be relevant. To be clear, the legacy Windows notion of system locale is
    > relevant only in relation to apps that support only legacy Windows
    > encodings, not Unicode. There is no system locale support for languages such
    > as Hindi or Armenian or Khmer, but that does not prevent display of text in
    > those scripts in Unicode-capable applications. So, for instance, every copy
    > of Windows 2000 or later versions is capable of displaying Hindi or Armenian
    > text, regardless of the system locale setting; every copy of Windows Vista
    > or later is capable of displaying, in addition, text in scripts such as
    > Khmer and Ethiopic; and every copy of Windows 7 is, additionally, able to
    > display text in scripts Tifinagh and Tai Le. In all these cases, the system
    > locale setting has no bearing.
    > Peter

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