Re: Fwd: Response from non-Unicode Burmese dictionary website re. "Please Convert Your Website to Unicode!"

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Date: Tue Nov 09 2010 - 07:12:04 CST

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    Yes, nice you did that!

    Christoph Amothor of the dictionary,,
    was so kind in previous emails that later in the evening I thought: 'He
    will probably learn from this unicoders as well, shall I give him a copy
    of the conversation, after asking if there would be any objections doing

    So if one of you can volunteer, they would be very happy. My experience
    is that with less developed countries and IDN, they are very happy when
    you contact them...had similar experience with Bangladesh. But contact
    broke down because their backbone is so weak that sending a fax is a
    challenge. MP of Bangladesh want internet and backbone, rest of country
    want better houses, health etc. I think these are less good priorities ;)



    > Hi, Unicoders!
    > Well, I got a response from the folks who run the non-Unicode Burmese
    > dictionary web site that was discussed yesterday. Based on the
    > response, it sounds like they would probably work with volunteers
    > willing to donate their time to help them convert the site to Unicode.
    > They indicate that conversion to Unicode is at the top of their
    > priority list. So at least they have their priorities correct
    > :-) :
    >>> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
    >>> From: Burmese English Online Dictionary<>
    >>> Date: Tue, Nov 9, 2010 at 4:24 AM
    >>> Subject: Re: Please Convert Your Website to Unicode!
    >>> To: Ed<>
    >>> Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately, the funding that we get by advertising is just enough
    >>> to pay for regular expenses and until we find other resources we cannot allocate the necessary>> time from our jobs to do the changes. But they are on top of our priority list.
    >>> Best regards,
    >>> Christoph Amthor
    >>> ---
    >>> We appreciate every contribution to help us operating this dictionary.
    >>> You can use the PayPal button on our page:
    >>> dictionary/
    >>> Your support will help a huge online community of Burmese refugees who don't have a printed
    >>> dictionary.
    >>> Thank you very much!
    >>> Burma Center Prague
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