Re: Phishing and enforcing Confusables.txt

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Wed Nov 24 2010 - 23:07:32 CST

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    On 2010/11/25, CE Whitehead <> wrote:
    > One note: for Arabic there are two sets of Indic digits with some digits being identical; both sets of Indic digits are allowed which can thus lead to the registration of confusables (I mentioned this before; since the alphabets are essentially the same you can have with an Eastern 1 in one language confusable with with a Western 1 in Arabic itself; see:
    > "4.Numbers
    > In the Arab world, there are two sets of numerical digits used:
    > I.From U+0030 (Digit Zero) to U+0039 (Digit Nine)
    > Mostly used in the western part of the Arab world (al-maghrib al-arabi).
    > II.From U+0660 (Arabic-Indic Digit Zero) to U+0669 (Arabic-Indic Digit Nine),
    > Mostly used in the eastern part of the Arab world (al-mashriq al-arabi).
    > Hence, both sets should be supported in the user interface and both are folded to one set (Set I) at the preparation of internationalized strings (e.g., "stringprep") phase."

    Shouldn't this concern all sets of digits that are freely replaceable
    automatically according to the on/off/auto setting for "use national
    variants of decimal digits" ?


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