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Date: Fri Jan 28 2011 - 09:06:19 CST

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    On Friday 28/1/11, "Martin J. Dürst" <> wrote:
    > Even if you start just with your "gluten-free restaurant" sentence, there's hundreds of things people some are allergic against (or otherwise have health problems or just can't stand), so that single example already gives you hundreds of sentences. And there's obviously much more to talk about.
    Thank you for replying.
    Actually, I did not use the term gluten-free as its use is being restricted under European Union regulations that take effect soon.

    In the United Kingdom, the term "no gluten-containing ingredients" is being allowed for meals in restaurants prepared with care about cross-contamination issues.
    Even so, maybe I did not phrase the localizable sentence example that I used correctly.
    Thank you for your observation. Yes, there are many food allergies and food intolerances that could be covered. Also lifestyle choices such as vegetarian and vegan. I choose vegan and no gluten-containing ingredients, so how would that be expressed? Having n times n codepoints for n times n possible choices of two is impractical and what about three or more? So some way of expressing a list of two or three sentences that apply to one meal would be necessary. The result may produce a somewhat strange way of communicating, yet communicating across a language barrier could be achieved and that is what is important. 
    > And there's obviously much more to talk about.
    Indeed. It could be a great project for the Unicode community with input from many people in order to produce a magnificent system that could be of great use.
    William Overington
    28 January 2011

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