Re: ayar font and several burmese font issues.

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Mon Mar 21 2011 - 13:28:47 CST

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    2011/3/21 Ngwe Tun <>:
    > Dear List,
    > We would like to filter out non-Unicode Burmese font which is assigned some
    > characters in Unicode Block (1000-109F) and some combination glyph or glyph
    > form assign by own.
    > Do you have any prior experience in your language and country. How should we
    > take action for those person. Those people are created some project space in
    > google interface, wordpress, joomla and launchpad for localization project
    > with non-unicode standards. We are keep encouraging to migrate to Unicode
    > Standards in our language in Myanmar (Burma).
    > here is bad example by ayar group.

    Can you describe more completely what is wrong on this page ? M

    > Ayar group release non-Unicode standards fonts and make announcement as Unicode
    > Standards Font.

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