Re: ayar font and several burmese font issues.

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Mon Mar 21 2011 - 13:35:07 CST

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    2011/3/21 Ngwe Tun <>:
    > Dear List,
    > We would like to filter out non-Unicode Burmese font which is assigned some
    > characters in Unicode Block (1000-109F) and some combination glyph or glyph
    > form assign by own.
    > Do you have any prior experience in your language and country. How should we
    > take action for those person. Those people are created some project space in
    > google interface, wordpress, joomla and launchpad for localization project
    > with non-unicode standards. We are keep encouraging to migrate to Unicode
    > Standards in our language in Myanmar (Burma).
    > here is bad example by ayar group.

    Can you describe more completely what is wrong on this page ? May be
    there are some techical issues, but for me it displays correctly in
    IE, Chrome and Firefox on Windows Seven, using "standard fonts" (and
    none from this website or project).

    May be the problem is on your own system installation or your own
    fonts and there are some technical differences that may need to be
    discussed and explained more thoroughly to reach an agreement about
    how pages should be encoded, or how some technical difficulties are
    solved in Windows (but not on your Linux system, possibly because of
    bugs in your own fonts of your own system, or limited/unimplemented
    features in those fonts).

    > Ayar group release non-Unicode standards fonts and make announcement as Unicode
    > Standards Font.

    A better path would be to increase the documentation about how to
    build a Myanmarese font on the OpenType site (i.e. listing more
    thoroughly the necessary features, and features to add for
    compatibility, or features that should be implemented by renderers
    directly rather than fonts themselves).

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