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Date: Wed Apr 06 2011 - 13:36:12 CDT

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    Just open heraldic books. There's been life nong before the Internet,
    and color printing (with numeric technologies) is still a recent
    technology and before that was always very expensive (and before that,
    manual painting of books was only in exceptional documents kepts today
    in museums or famous public libraries).
    The hatching system has been used since centuries, and most prints
    were only black on white up to the mid of 20th century (in western
    countries) and is still predominating everywhere else where color
    printing is too expensive).
    And even today, we cannot always use true color on lots of medias,
    that's why we still use conventional symbols or notations.

    2011/4/4 CE Whitehead <>:
    > From: Michael Everson (
    > Date: Fri Apr 01 2011 - 12:10:14 CST
    > Hi.
    > Unicode does have shades also in the Block Element Characters U+2591 2592
    > 2593  (perhaps having a very few shade characters might be useful in the
    > event that graphs are exchanged as lines of text; but I don't know how many
    > of these should be added . . . ).
    > In any case, I did not get that this was a joke and even forgot that April 1
    > was April Fool's,
    > but I could support adding annotations on hatching to existing characters
    > and also adding the hatching for "or" (gold; Michael's proposed U+B2460).
    > (But I don't have any knowledge of the ideal hatching system; just what's at
    > Wikipedia: and in the info
    > Michael sent.  Also I do not know of where online these hatching are
    > currently exchanged as text characters; right now all genealogy sites do
    > these as images, usually colors, since these are used to color coats of
    > arms.
    > If these proposals are all meant to be taken as jokes please excuse this
    > comment.)
    > Best,
    > --C. E. Whitehead

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