Re: Continue: Glaring mistake in the code list for South Asian Script//Reply to Kent Karlsson

From: Michael Everson <>
Date: Sat, 10 Sep 2011 21:15:12 +0100

On 10 Sep 2011, at 18:56, delex r wrote:

> Here I like to object naming a script as “Bengali” (=coded Beng) and informing the world that this script is used for the Assamese language. If you say it is done just for the sake of naming a set of characters to put them in a block, then I may be informed why the name “ Bengali” is chosen and not “Assamese”.

Because "Bengali" has been the name of the script in the English language for a hundred and fifty years.

> The first entry in that list is the Assamese language. Assamese is a sovereign language with its own grammar Which I don't think is in dispute at all.

The English language is also a sovereign language with its own history. May we ask you to respect it without assuming that it is an affront to Assamese people or to anybody else.

We also don't call the script "Bangla" though there are many script users who do.

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