Continue: Glaring Mistake in the Code List of South Asian Script, Reply to Daug Ewell and Others

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>>English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, and Polish are all different languages. Each has its own pronunciation, vocabulary, orthography, national identity, and rich literary tradition.
Would you suggest that the letters used in each of these languages should be encoded separately?
## I am afraid I have no idea about what sort of allegiance these languages have to the ancient Roman language and the Latin script and why? And I also don’t have any idea why these language speaking people have not designed or developed their own individual scripts. But it is commendable that they are still loyal to their old ancient learned forefathers scriptually and haven’t bothered to name and color the scripts with their communal identification.
Looking at anything written in French, German, Dutch etc. an average person is definitely made to think that all these languages are written in English or English like script. Atleast I thought so. Now tell me will the French accept if it is postulated that French is written in English Script? Or the Germans, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish or Polish should accept that their languages are written in English Script!!
All who have replied to my grievance and are not English but use Latin Script for their languages ,,, Should you be living with some notion that your languages are written in English Script as Unicode or ISO says so and can’t be changed once recorded so as standards? Sovereignty issues do matter sometime.
Bengali is name of a community who speaks Bengali as its mother tongue. So is the Assamese who speak and write Assamese as their mother tongue. Same for the case of Bodo, Manipuri,Garo, etc etc. Here the communities are identified and classified with the languages they speak. Bengali is not Latin to the Assamese or to the Manipuris, Bodo s etc for that matter. If the Europeans still can maintain a cordial relationship to their ancient Roman Empire by the way of accepting, recognizing and relating the script of their language to Latin,( as a language which is extinct), People in this region have a symbolic allegiance to the ancient Kamrup and Pragjyotishpur Empire extending almost all over the Eastern, North Eastern India and probably the country of now Muslim dominated Bangladesh. I fail to understand why a single entity out of the multifarious racial and regional communities could color something common to all of them with their individual communal color and persuade the world into believing their malicious
 propaganda and how and why the world bodies (Unicode and ISO etc) subscribed to that. At least I would like Unicode to think on it seriously so that future generations are not misled.

Anyone who is not aware of fact and want to find out in unicode about Assamese Raw (09F1) or Assamese Wa(09F1) will find it absurd and difficult as if he is being asked to find out London in the map of Germany.
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