Re: combining: half, double, triple et cetera ad infinitum

From: Naena Guru <>
Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2011 09:30:40 -0600

Unicode was created for a commercial reason, particularly for the benefit
of its directors. The idea of Plain Text is not anything practical but was
used as a means of attracting supporters, who for the most part hadn't had
any experience with computers.

The following line is Unicode text:
මේ අකුරු ලියා ඇත්තේ යුනිකෝඩ් අකුරෙනි.

I bet most of you see it as a row of Character-not-found glyph. Some would
see it in the non-Latin script, but yet separated into meaningless
components that go to make letters.

So, the headache you are talking about within Latin becomes a tumor that
makes you insane when outside the SBCS.

On Mon, Nov 14, 2011 at 6:37 AM, QSJN 4 UKR <> wrote:

> Why did the Unicode Consortium think that combination of one base
> character and few combining is possible, and combination of few base
> characters with one combining character is not?
> E.g. U+0483 "tilda" has to cover a number. Whole number! Not one
> figure!! What for have we it, if we can't use it right way?
> Half combining marks are about decision... And what if we deal not
> with simple horizontal line? what if we need the same "tilda" above
> number or "titlo" above abbreviation? Text with numbers and
> abbreviations is not a plane text?
> Idea (bad as I think, but there is many other stupid things in
> Unicode): add some new combining characters of new ccc = word-above,
> word-below, word-over (ZWS works as word separator if needed).
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