Re: Armenian Eternity Sign (proposal)

From: Andrew West <>
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2012 15:58:52 +0000

On 19 January 2012 15:26, Doug Ewell <> wrote:
> I always assumed that ARMENIAN in the name of these characters referred
> to the script with which they are usually used, not the country of
> Armenia. Names of countries aren't normally used in character names;
> that's why we have FARSI SYMBOL.

I am sure that in this case "Armenian" does refer to the script. If
they are widely used in other script contexts then I would prefer to
ETERNITY SIGN, and give them a Unicode script property of common. I
have no problem with encoding them in the Armenian block, even as
symbols common to multiple scripts, as this is analagous to the
encoding of the four svasti signs in the Tibetan block even though
they are used in multiple script contexts.

NB As they are still at the PDAM ballot stage there is still time to
make changes to their names and/or code positions ... which is unusual
as most problems are only brought to the attention of this list when
it is too late to make any such changes.

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