Re: Offlist: complex rendering

From: Harshula <>
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2012 16:49:56 +1000

Hi Christopher,

There are more transliteration schemes for input already than one
language will ever need.

All of these generate Unicode Sinhala.


On Mon, 2012-06-18 at 15:24 +0600, Christopher Fynn wrote:
> Naena Guru <>
> Naena - If you don't like Unicode, then develop your own character
> encoding and try to get your country to adopt it as a national
> standard - but please stop trying to abuse Unicode and OpenType by
> attempting to warp them to conform to your scheme.
> You could also quite easily create an IME that accepts transliterated
> Sinhala typed on a QWERTY keyboard using Latin characters and converts
> those to proper Unicode Sinhala characters. That would *much* better
> than trying to use complex script rendering to get transliterated
> Sinhala.
> BTW This kind of idea is not new - about 12 years ago I messed around
> with using complex script rendering to display transliterated
> (romanized) Tibetan withTibetan glyphs (it is fairly easy to do using
> Graphite instead of OpenType) - however I didn't make the mistake of
> actually assigning some of those Tibetan glyphs to Latin code points.
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