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From: Philippe Verdy <>
Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2012 00:40:27 +0100

2012/11/7 Jean-François Colson <>:
> You missed

For this one, would it be a greyed star (meaning no info, N/A) or the
existing WHITE STAR for the minimum rating (the maximum rating being

Usually, we see the high ratings displayed as multiple stars, that are
either present or absent, but rarely half filled.

Another common notation use filled pie slices in empty circles/filled
disks, or half-circles/disks, or on clocks (most often to note
completion levels). Some Wikimedia projects use a 2×2 square grid
pattern (with additional colors : 0=grey, 25%=gray grid+1 black
square, 50%=2 red squares, 75%=3 blue squares, 100%=4 green squares).

Some will use various forms to fill gauges or are displaying a slider
button or horizontal bars stacked on top of each other (usually also
for completion levels or to display the activity), or device rotating
on the half-circle gauge (like speed-meters in cars, usually to
display performance levels), or a Hg-thermometer shown vertically (not
always graduated)...

There's a lot of creativity for these gauges, and various scales used.
How many symbols would you need then ? For me all these scaling gauges
are not character simply because it's impossible to determine what
value they represent individually. They are graphic tools that are
eye-catching and beautif.

If we continue like this, some will want to represent bar diagrams
(also with their graduation scales and axisà using plain-text
characters only... Why not just writing the numeric figures and leave
the gauge being displayed in graphic renderers ?
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