Re: Missing geometric shapes

From: Kent Karlsson <>
Date: Fri, 09 Nov 2012 01:17:42 +0100

Den 2012-11-09 00:09, skrev "Michael Everson" <>:

> On 8 Nov 2012, at 22:54, Kent Karlsson <> wrote:
>>>>> 2605;BLACK STAR;So;0;ON;;;;;N;;;;;
>>>>> 2606;WHITE STAR;So;0;ON;;;;;N;;;;;
>> The *chart* glyphs for these aren't same-sized (outer outline)Š
> So?

It is quite common to fill up to the max rating (whichever that may
be in any one instance) with unfilled ("white") stars, rather than
just leave them out. In that case it looks better if the stars are
all the same size (outer outline). But that would be moot for those
two characters if one instead does the suggestion I had further down
in my message.

(The chart glyph sizes are often reflected in the sizes in other fonts
than the chart font(s). So you may want to do a minor chart glyph fix,
hoping other fonts get maintenance on that point.)

    /Kent K

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