Re: emulating keyboards with more keys

From: Stephan Stiller <>
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2013 05:38:38 -0800

André: If a character in a language that's not native to my keyboard is
only directly available via one of the "additional" keys, we need another
method. Also it's a matter of being efficient (though it's unclear whether
a deadkey scancode mechanism (see below) would actually be faster).

Tom: ANSI/ISO/JIS – thanks for giving labels to this. I'll try out the
link's instructions when I next have access to my JIS keyboard, which won't
be for a while. If it's easy to set up so that I can switch easily or if
the JIS scancodes are a superset of the ANSI ones (I obviously can't change
the physical makeup of the built-in US/ANSI MacBook keyboard, so I don't
want a hassle every time I disconnect the external keyboard), that would

All: It seems like input methods produce *characters* in encodings – but
someone who knows this better please fill in details. Ideal would
be a low-level mechanism that intercepts scancodes and lets me designate
dead keys/scancodes that I can program in a way that they produce other *

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