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The Unicode Consortium would like to welcome two new board members, Bob
Jung and Greg Welch, and a new vice president, Peter Constable.

Bob Jung is the Director of Engineering for Internationalization at
Google, Inc. He built and leads the globally distributed team that
develops highly scalable technologies and infrastructure used throughout
Google to deliver internationalized and localized products. Previously,
at Netscape, he built the team that established much of the early work
on internationalization for the web and browsers. Even earlier, he
helped drive the initial Unix/POSIX internationalization specifications
and standards via work with industry consortiums (/usr/grp, Uniforum,
Unix International). Prior to Google, Bob worked for Netscape/AOL,
Apple, MIPS, Nippon Unisoft and UniSoft.

Greg Welch of Intel Corporation is Director of Strategic Marketing in
Intel's PC Client Group. Among his recent accomplishments has been
responsibility for driving the formulation and coordination of Intel's
Ultrabook^(TM) program. Previous positions at Intel include:

    * Director, Intel's Architecture Group, Global WIMAX Organization:
      responsible for business development relationships between Intel,
      Clearwire, Best Buy and OEMs to promote the world's first national
      4G network.
    * Director of Strategy and Industry Initiatives in Intel's Software
      and Solutions Group: drove Intel's efforts to enable software for
      multi-core architectures.
    * Director of Strategic Planning for Intel's Mobile Platforms Group:
      oversaw long-range roadmap planning and business strategy for all
      notebook platform, processor, and chipset products that became the
      Core® family of processors.
    * Director of Brand Strategy: spearheaded the segmentation of
      Intel's processor brands including the Itanium® and Xeon® brands
      for high-end server products, and the Celeron® brand for value PCs.

Peter Constable is Senior Program Manger at Microsoft. He was exposed to
challenges of supporting non-Latin scripts in software systems and
digital fonts while living in Thailand for five years. He began working
on software internationalization in 1996 and became active in work on
Unicode and other i18n standards activities shortly thereafter. Since
2003, he has worked for Microsoft on Unicode and support and
international text display. He has long been active in the UTC, became a
Unicode technical director in 2008, and has been the Unicode liaison to
SC2 since 2007.


The Unicode Consortium would like to thank Vint Cerf and Harald
Alvestrand, who recently stepped down after many years of contributions
as members of the board of directors.

Vinton G. Cerf is vice president and Chief Internet Evangelist for
Google. He is responsible for identifying new enabling technologies and
applications on the Internet and other platforms for the company. Widely
known as a "Father of the Internet," Vint is the co-designer with Robert
Kahn of TCP/IP protocols and basic architecture of the Internet. In
1997, President Clinton recognized their work with the U.S. National
Medal of Technology. In 2005, Vint and Bob received the highest civilian
honor bestowed in the U.S., the Presidential Medal of Freedom. It
recognizes the fact that their work on the software code used to
transmit data across the Internet has put them "at the forefront of a
digital revolution that has transformed global commerce, communication,
and entertainment." He served on the board of the Unicode Consortium
from 2010 until now.

Harald Alvestrand has worked for Norsk Data, UNINETT (the University
Network of Norway), EDB Maxware, Cisco Systems and, since 2006, for
Google, Inc. Harald has been active in Internet standardization since
1991, and has written a number of RFCs. He was an area director of
Applications and of Operations & Management in the IETF and a member of
the IAB before serving as chair of the IETF from 2001 to 2006. He served
on the board of the Unicode Consortium from 2001 until now.


The Consortium also would like to thank Vice President Eric Muller, and
Technical Directors John Jenkins and Mike Ksar, who recently stepped
down from their roles as officers of the Consortium after serving for
many years. They will continue to work with the Consortium on ongoing
technical work.

Eric Muller is the former chair of INCITS/L2, the U.S. committee which
coordinates its work closely with the ongoing work of the Unicode
Technical Committee. Eric continues his contributions to the technical
work of the Consortium through his work with the Unicode Technical
Committee. John Jenkins has worked with the Ideographic Rapporteur Group
(IRG) for many years, and continues to provide crucial maintenance and
updates for the Unicode Database. Mike Ksar has convened ISO/IEC
JTC1/SC2/WG2 for many years, and continues in that capacity.


For the listing of current directors and officers of the Consortium
please see Unicode Directors, Officers and Staff
<http://www.unicode.org/consortium/directors.html#exeofficers>. See also
Former Board Members <http://www.unicode.org/history/boardmembers.html>
and Former Officers <http://www.unicode.org/history/previousofficers.html>.


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