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From: Stephan Stiller <>
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2013 12:49:38 -0700

> what the western world knows
> as „calligraphie“, e.g., in Germany elementary school kids become
> graded for the prettiness of their handwriting.
I've only ever encountered the word "Kalligraphie" (now preferred:
"Kalligrafie") in the meaning of "artistic writing" in Germany. If the
word is also used to denote a grading category for "neat handwriting"
(which iirc was for me and in my region just called "Schrift"), most
people won't be familiar with such usage, this being very much a
derived, secondary meaning. And I've definitely seen {Chinese classes
that were primarily concerned with stroke order and otherwise neat
writing} described as classes in 书法 ("calligraphy").

> also a matter of whether the calligrapher walks on four, two or
> three legs
(okay) ... and ...
> …nothing but a juicy complement, to end up with a rich green
> pasture of calligraphic possibilities.
> Regarding world weariness there is surely room for improvement in
> a sentence like
> |>|for the production of corporate logos, advertizing, and identifiation of
> |>|products and trademarks, so I would not say that calligraphy is dead in
> |> the alphabetic script.
> Hansel and Gretel would never have found a Burger Palace without
> a nice big billboard! Thus this shouldn't be underrated.
So I must admit that I often find the wit hiding behind such cultural
references to be lost on me, or at least far-fetched.

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