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From: Steffen <>
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2013 11:57:57 +0200

Stephan Stiller <> wrote:
 |derived, secondary meaning. And I've definitely seen {Chinese classes
 |that were primarily concerned with stroke order and otherwise neat
 |writing} described as classes in 书法 ("calligraphy").

Skill comes with practice.
„Entscheidend ist, was hinten rauskommt.“
Loosely „What matters is what really counts“, but really „What
matters is what comes out of the rear“.

 |> also a matter of whether the calligrapher walks on four, two or
 |> three legs
 |(okay) ... and ...
 |> Hansel and Gretel

 |So I must admit that I often find the wit hiding behind such cultural
 |references to be lost on me, or at least far-fetched.

(Just in case you're too young to know that, really: [1].
This is a cultural „Must Have“ for Germans.)
Apart from that … … ok.



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