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From: Steffen <>
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2013 12:27:20 +0200

Philippe Verdy <> wrote:
 |2013/4/22 Stephan Stiller <>
 |> Hansel and Gretel would never have found a Burger Palace without
 |>> a nice big billboard! Thus this shouldn't be underrated.
 |> So I must admit that I often find the wit hiding behind such cultural
 |> references to be lost on me, or at least far-fetched.
 |Me too, I don't understand what this (supposed) joke is refering to, we see
 |the limits of local cultural references that don't cross language
 |boundaries. I just understand it in its core meaning which is about
 |advertizing banners or displays on shops, something I wrote about the
 |modern usage of calligrary in all scripts, not just alphabetic ones.

Ya, unfortunately covers seem to be more interesting than content,
which will be understood all over the world today, i think.

 |But I don't see why Hansel and Gretel need to be associated here, notably

I'm sorry, this really is pretty local and refers to an appearance
of a German Comedian almost exactly thirty years ago, yet still
widely known (both, He and His). So for the exact circumstances
you'd have to deal with the „New German Wave“ and the link i've
posted already. (Your assumption is right, that trademark happens
to occur.)

But Hansel and Gretel, Burger Palace and billboard mocking,
this should work right out of the box.

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