Latvian and precomposed accented characters.

From: William_J_G Overington <>
Date: Fri, 17 May 2013 18:11:42 +0100 (BST)

May I draw the attention of readers of this thread to the following documents please?
The documents are all available, at the time of writing this post, from the following web page.

I have for a long time had an interest in supporting Latvian in some of my fonts.

I started the following thread in August 2005.


At the time of writing this post the thread has had 8783 views.

The thread includes a link to a pdf document that I produced.

I am thinking of trying to prepare and submit a document to the Unicode Technical Committee suggesting an alternative course of action to resolve the problem.

I am thinking of suggesting the following.

Keep LATIN LETTER N WITH CEDILLA and LATIN SMALL LETTER N WITH CEDILLA as they are now, with the comma in the glyph.

Encode two new precomposed characters LATIN LETTER N WITH REAL CEDILLA and LATIN SMALL LETTER N WITH REAL CEDILLA for use in Marshallese.


In order to minimize confusion there could be a reference in the code chart under the existing characters that these are not the characters needed for Marshallese and referring readers to LATIN LETTER N WITH REAL CEDILLA and LATIN SMALL LETTER N WITH REAL CEDILLA.

I feel that it is important that Latvian can be keyed in Microsoft WordPad and other non-OpenType-aware programs. 
I feel the same way about Marshallese and indeed about all languages where it is feasible to do so.


Hopefully this suggestion will resolve the problem, either as it stands or after adaptation by some of the people reading this post.


William Overington
17 May 2013
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