Marshallese and Latvian (from Latvian and precomposed accented characters)

From: William_J_G Overington <>
Date: Mon, 20 May 2013 18:29:25 +0100 (BST)

I am suggesting that a solution to the situation would be to encode the following for use in Marshallese.


It may be that some other new precomposed accented characters need to be encoded for Marshallese as well.
I am not a linguist.
I notice from the web page that the following meetings are due to take place.
WG2 #61 -- June 10-14Vilnius, Lithuania
UTC #136 -- July 29 - August 2
I was at the time, and remain, very impressed with the way that the two committees worked together so that the symbol for the Indian Rupee became encoded by accelerated action so that it was there ready to be used when the new symbol came into use in India.
So, I thought that I would wriite to ask if the opportunity of the two meetings both coming up soon could be used to encode by accelearted action the new precomposed accented characters needed for Marshallese so that text processing for Latvian can continue as it does at present and text processing for Marshallese can move to Unicode as soon as possible.
Could that possibly be done by the start of the next academic year in September please?
Now, as I say, I am not a linguist. I am not on either of the committees.
Yet there are many people who might read this post who are exoerts in linguistics, character encoding and so on who are members of one or other, or maybe both, of the committees.
So, could I ask you please to consider this solution to the situation and, if you think that it is an acceptable solution all round, could you please implement the encoding of the necessary precomposed accented characters?
William Overington
20 May 2013
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