Re: Suggestion for new dingbats/symbols

From: Giorgio Liscio <>
Date: Fri, 24 May 2013 20:30:39 +0200

Il 24/05/2013 18:41, Johannes Rössel ha scritto:

>> Sadly, people use to assign these icons/glyphs in the private use area,
>> because they think unicode is not good enough to map all of their icons.
> No, they're doing the right thing, because if you use glyphs that
> don't correspond to a code point, you should use the PUA.

Of course it's right to use PUA for non-mappable symbols, I was just
saying that expanding the unicode symbols charts will help them to
properly map frequently used icons

> Some Latin characters turned by 180° are also missing.

OPf course I didn't mean to suggest or impose any kind of precedence
over the surely more important text characters :) I'm sorry if I
appeared arrogant

> I think there are enough in the Emoji blocks to choose from. You can
> write proposals for icons you feel are missing but don't expect them
> to be accepted. I would think there is little need or proof for
> plain-text use of those icons. A shopping cart on a web site is rarely
> used within text, it is used as a button or icon and standing alone.
> So there is little need of even enabling the plain-text use of it.

Well, in tourism signs/texts, the shopping cart icon is very common and
this is an indisputable fact

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