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From: Christopher Fynn <>
Date: Tue, 6 Aug 2013 12:38:37 +0600

On 06/08/2013, Whistler, Ken <> wrote:

> These kinds of systems are widely deployed, but the endgame we are
> all working towards (and in large part have achieved) consists of
> servers configured in Unicode and clients connections configured in
> Unicode. Conversions still may be going on, but more often of
> the UTF-8 <--> UTF-16 type which preserve all data, instead of
> spitting out multiple instances of uninterpretable "?" characters
> when client and data source don't match.

> --Ken

I wonder why so many servers, database applications, and so on, _still_
don't install with Unicode (in some encoding format) as the *default*
installation option. People still have to configure e.g Apache PHP
MySQL to use Unicode / UTF-8 - and this is not always straightforward.
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