Re: Indic LLA sorting

From: Anubhav Chattoraj <>
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2013 09:24:41 +0530

On 10/21/2013 05:17 AM, Richard Wordingham wrote:
> I am surprised that this has not been corrected - the corresponding
> codepoint, when it exists, comes in the alphabetical order you describe
> in the Buddhist Indic scripts. Assuming the current collations are
> wrong, please raise a ticket at
> and point to some evidence, e.g. an image of entries in a printed
> dictionary. It may be worth reporting the issue against DUCET at
> ; however, it may be argued that
> this is not a sufficiently egregious error for it to be corrected. If
> you do report it for DUCET, please reference the CLDR ticket number.

(Changed the subject line because the topic of discussion has changed.)

U+0933 (Devanagari LLA) isn't used in Hindi, so its sorting order in the
Hindi collation table hardly matters.

Via the ICU's collation demo[1] I have verified that it does sort after
U+0939 (Devanagari HA) in Marathi, as expected. There is no error.

Similarly, U+0AB3 (Gujarati LLA) sorts after U+0AB9 (Gujarati HA) in the
Gujarati locale. Again, no error.

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