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From: Joe Becker <>
Date: Wed, 04 Jun 2014 16:44:24 -0700

A bit of ancient history, from the System Development Division spinoff
of Xerox PARC:

     Around 1979, Xerox adopted the multi-byte Xerox Character Code
Standard (XCCS), an ancestor of Unicode.

     Around 1980, Larry Masinter and I converted the Xerox Lisp system
to XCCS, including our phonetic-based Japanese input method, using
Japanese fonts supplied by Fuji Xerox. The system was demo'ed at a
trade show as "JLisp" ... of course the attendees showed no interest.

     Around 1985, Lori Nagata converted our product compiler (for a
Pascal derivative called Mesa) to accept XCCS sourcecode, including
fully multilingual identifiers, strings, and comments ... of course the
Development Environment group showed no interest.

Maybe now the world is ready for "你好世界" ... I don't think I am ...


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