Re: Unified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics—Missing Syllable Characters

From: Frédéric Grosshans <>
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2014 20:12:44 +0200

Le 16/07/2014 14:45, Jean-François Colson a écrit :
> Once upon a time, the ai-pai-tai… syllables were discarded in
> Inuktitut because there weren’t enough room for the whole syllabary on
> the daisy wheel of an electric typewriter.

If they where discarded for electric typewriters, it means that they
where historically used before. Wikipedia ( ) )
states it happened in the 1970s. If I understood this correctly, it
should not be too difficult to find use examples of these character, and
I would be very surprised if such recent texts would not be thought fit
for unicode encoding.

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