APL Under-bar Characters

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Date: Sun, 16 Aug 2015 07:35:17 -0700
Hello Unicode Mailing List,

There is significant discussion about the problems of adding capital letters with individual under-bars in this mailing list for GNU APL.


Pretty much it adds up to the following problem:

The string length functionality would view an 'A' code point combined with an '_' code point as an item that has two elements, while something that looks like 'A'  Should be atomic, and return a length of one.

I have heard that the problem was brought to Unicode consortium before, and the answer was to just use the underline styling, as it is apparently equivalent, but I do not think it is. Underline styling usually connects the line from one letter to another like this. The under-bar characters do not do such connecting, and are actually only for capital letters. so It would look more L I K E   T H I S  (I added the spaces for dramatic effect).

Is there something I could do to make this addition to the Unicode standard? There is already a section for APL symbols. 

-Alex Weiner

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