Re: Technical or encoding sub mailing list ?

From: Asmus Freytag (t) <>
Date: Thu, 3 Sep 2015 12:54:30 -0700

Daniel B├╝nzli <daniel dot buenzli at erratique dot ch> wrote:

Since I implement parts of the Unicode standard I'm interested in
keeping in touch with discussions about the standard and its evolution
from a technical point of view. 

I'm however not interested in the encoding point of view and all the
discussions of whichever pet symbol or concept random people from the
internet want to assign an integer to. 

Encoding is a technical issue as far as Unicode is concerned. What is encoded and how it is encoded affects implementations just as much as changes in algorithms or properties, which, in turn, may also be triggered by, or trigger changes to the encoding.

My take is that it is futile to try to disentangle these two aspects. There is no clean division.

With respect to these interests the amount of noise and off-topic
threads I get from this list is considerate and I'm considering

There is a small set of people who like to hi-jack the list for their personal agendas, even after being told that the audience on the list has no interest. Some compound the issue by letting loose an inordinate number of posts in a short time, or don't know how to write anything short of a novella.

A bit of occasional "water-cooler" style banter, on the other hand, while off-topic and distracting, is also amusing and diverting. It's the social-media part of Unicode and goes back to before "social media" was a term.

I would agree that the former at times feels abusive, but the latter is tradition.

Before I do so I would like to ask the moderators of this mailing list
if they would consider creating either a more technically focused
mailing list for implementers or, alternatively, forking off encoding
discussions to a dedicated mailing list. 

I wouldn't mind if the moderators were a bit more proactive in taking to task people who exceed their quota of off-topic, irrelevant or overly long posts, especially when they start to reply to their own posts.

I already stated why I believe that in general there isn't a clean separation between technical aspects and encoding. However, there are alternative lists that a serious implementer should consider. Some of these mailing lists require a membership in the Consortium, which, would help fund the Consortium as well.


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