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From: William_J_G Overington <>
Date: Tue, 8 Sep 2015 15:05:03 +0100 (BST)

Asmus Freytag wrote as follows:
> There is a small set of people who like to hi-jack the list for
    their personal agendas, even after being told that the audience on
    the list has no interest. Some compound the issue by letting loose
    an inordinate number of posts in a short time, or don't know how to
    write anything short of a novella.
I wonder if I may comment please.
In the following post
Asmus wrote as follows:
... Unicode has
matured to the point of being the only game in town.
end quote
 there is a balance between the ways of regarding posts by an
enthusiastic individual who is seeking to make progress with his or her
research and who is seeking advice and constructive helpful comments on
what he or she is suggesting should be encoded.
As if in a
research common room and floating ideas to experts in a variety of specialties, such as encoding, linguistics and software programming,
seeking opinions, while each participant is sat enjoying a hot beverage,
 be it tea, coffee, hot chocolate or peppermint tea.
> A bit of occasional "water-cooler" style banter, on the other hand,
    while off-topic and distracting, is also amusing and diverting. It's
    the social-media part of Unicode and goes back to before "social
    media" was a term.
Yes, indeed. Fine.
> I would agree that the former at times feels abusive, but the latter
    is tradition.
Well, that the former feeling is felt is
unfortunate. For myself, that is not my intention. I am seeking to make
progress with my research.
I want to submit a proposal to encode
one character into regular Unicode so that it can be used with the base
character followed by a sequence of tag characters method that was
recently invented for encoding flags: a method that can have application
 for various purposes, including in-line graphics encoded in a plain
text document.
Yet discussion of my ideas in this mailing list is not allowed at present and maybe it never will be allowed.
This makes it difficult for me to have discussions prior to submitting a proposal document.
 I mention that if anyone is interested in viewing my latest research
there are four transcripts available at the following place?
William Overington
8 September 2015
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