Re: Sources for the B&W emoji samples in the PDFs

From: Doug Ewell <>
Date: Sun, 6 Dec 2015 08:47:34 -0700

Manuel Strehl wrote:

> I am wondering, if there is a list, which font / work is used to
> render which of the black & white emoji (and other symbols) in the
> code chart PDFs. Neither
> nor
> nor the PDF itself have a sufficiently detailed answer.

In the absence of any other reply after three days...

Those references are likely the best you're going to get. Many original
images came from Apple and Google, and some from Japanese telcos, but
it's important to reiterate -- possibly to the Twitter group as well --
that there are no "standard" or "official" (by which I mean normative)
glyphs for emoji or any other characters. Any rendering that maintains
the basic identity of the character is fine.

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