Unicode Updates Emoji Charts and Expands List of Candidates

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Date: Mon, 21 Dec 2015 13:25:51 -0800

U+1F381 WRAPPED PRESENT ImageThe Unicode Consortium announced today it
is updating the Unicode emoji charts with the following major changes:

The Full Emoji Data
<http://www.unicode.org/emoji/charts/full-emoji-list.html> chart adds
the latest updates for Google, Twitter, Windows, and EmojiOne emoji
images. It also now includes all the emoji sequences, for a total of
1,624 emoji.

The Emoji Candidates
<http://www.unicode.org/emoji/charts/emoji-candidates.html> chart is
updated to add the 7 characters recently approved as candidates, for a
total of 74 emoji candidates. There are refreshed images courtesy of
Adobe, Emojipedia.org and EmojiXpress.

The Emoji Ordering
<http://www.unicode.org/emoji/charts/emoji-ordering.html> chart now
shows the diverse family emoji, and adds subcategories to make the
organization clearer.

And the Emoji Style
<http://www.unicode.org/emoji/charts/emoji-style.html> chart has been
extended to list the 1,624 emoji characters and sequences as text with
variation selectors and fonts, for testing with browsers.

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