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The Unicode Consortium

Font Submission Policy

Information sent to the Unicode Consortium by E-mail or other means may be retained and used in the development of the standard or other documents and as appropriate for the nature of the transaction. In particular, all font submissions are subject to the following Font Submissions Policy:

  • By submitting a font for characters to be standardized or a font otherwise intended to be used in a publication of the Unicode Consortium, the submitter grants the Unicode Consortium a license to use the font as described in Grant of Font License and further warrants that such submission under 'Grant of Font License' does not infringe on the intellectual property rights of third parties.
  • Font Submissions include any transfer of a font file, font source file or other forms of outline data to the Unicode Consortium, or its agents, where circumstances, manner and context of the transmission clearly indicate that it is intended as a submission of a font or font data for use by the Consortium. Merely embedding a font in a document, or reference to sources of publicly available fonts is not considered a font submission under this policy.
  • Submissions can be via CD-ROM or other storage media, E-mail, upload to an ftp site designated by the Consortium, or by giving explicit instructions where to download a font from an ftp or web site that is under the submitters control.
  • Submitters are encouraged to complete the Grant of Font License with detailed information about the font and submitter and to submit it at the time of font submission.
  • The Grant of Font License should be mailed or faxed to the Unicode Consortium head office.
  • If the submitted font is accompanied by a written grant of license document, that grant of license document governs. The Unicode Consortium reserves the right to refuse submissions under a written grant of license document unless it deems the terms of said license to be sufficiently broad to cover the requirements of the Consortium's publication process.
  • Submitters of fonts not accompanied by a written grant of license document have thirty (30) days from actual submission of the font, to rescind the submission or to submit an explicit grant of license document. Up to this time and for a reasonable transition period thereafter, the Consortium may use such fonts under the terms described in Grant of Font License.
  • After the end of this thirty (30) day period, any change in font license terms must be agreed to in advance by the Unicode Consortium.
  • Fonts submitted prior to the effective date of this policy will be subject to this policy as if they had been submitted on the effective date of this policy.
  • Fonts covered by existing written grants of font license document and other existing license agreements are unaffected by this policy.
  • The effective date of this policy is: May 1, 2004.