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364 Unicode Emoji 11.0 Beta Closing Date: 2018.01.15
Status: Closed
Originator: UTC
Informal Discussion: Unicode Mail List (Join)
Formal Feedback: Contact Form
Resolution: Emoji data will be updated with feedback and published.

Description of Issue:

Unicode Emoji 11.0 beta is now available for developers, with 130 Draft Emoji Candidates. The contents will be finalized in 2018Q1. The version number for the next release of Unicode emoji is jumping from the previously-released Emoji 5.0 to Emoji 11.0 (instead of 6.0). This is due to alignment of the emoji versions in 2018 and beyond with the versions of the Unicode Standard.

The draft emoji 11.0β Charts now show the candidates in context: for example, Emoji Ordering, v11.0β shows the sorting of all the emoji, with the candidates highlighted with rounded-rectangles. The draft 11.0β Specification has a number of changes, including proposed guidelines for display, handling gender, handling skin tone, and a proposed mechanism for allowing emoji to point either to the right or left. The draft 11.0β Emoji Data provides property data, which determines how implementations handle the new characters.

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