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WG2 Document Registry

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This is the home of the Unicode hosted WG2 document registry. It contains encoding proposals and various contributions related to these proposals. Some working documents such as ISO Draft Standards, ballot documents are only available on the official ISO SC2/WG2 site or its parent sub-committee: ISO/SC2 per ISO/IEC copyright rules and are only accessible to accredited users.

Quick links to all of the recent document registers, organized in range of 250 numbers, are provided in the following table. At this moment, ranges starting at 1750-1999 are available in this registry.

Documents created before N4650 may have links to the previous WG2 registry entries which may not be maintained.

WG2  Document Registers, By Ranges

0000-0249  0250-0499  0500-0749  0750-0999 
1000-1249  1250-1499  1500-1749  1750-1999 
2000-2249  2250-2499  2500-2749  2750-2999 
3000-3249  3250-3499  3500-3749  3750-3999 
4000-4249  4250-4499  4500-4749  4750-4999 

Document Search

WG2 Document Search provides a way to find documents by number. This search can also be used to find a particular revision of a document that has multiple revisions posted in the document register.

Document Submission

Documents should be submitted to the WG2 convenor. Many of the points raised in how to submit documents to the UTC also apply to WG2 documents, especially layout and content.

All proposals to encode new characters must be accompanied by a filled out copy of the proposal summary form, accessible here: Proposal Summary Form.

Experts who submit contributions for new scripts should also consult the roadmap document that shows the placement of currently encoded scripts and candidate scripts for possible encoding in the standard. .

Roadmaps and Pipeline

WG2 maintains the Roadmaps to Unicode together with the UTC. The Roadmaps contain current allocations of standardized characters and proposed allocations for future characters, to help guide both the authors of character proposals and the review of those proposals by the UTC and WG2.

The Pipeline page summarizes, in detail, all currently approved characters and scripts that are in various stages of ISO review and/or balloting, and which have not yet been published in any version of the Unicode Standard. This page is also actively used to guide proposal review.


The WG2 document registry has existed in various forms since the creation of the working group in the late 1980s but was only available in paper form until the late 1990s. The older document still available in digital form: N605 was created in April 1990.

The archival document directory for WG2 is accessible here: http://std.dkuug.dk/jtc1/sc2/wg2/ The archives contain all available documents through 2014 (until document WG2 N4649). That web site is not maintained and may not available in the future. Unicode is working on making an increasing number of these documents available in the WG2 Document register. Note that links to WG2 documents located in other WG2 documents may still point to the archival directory.