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WG2 Document Register for 5000-5249

A few documents are password protected and are limited to WG2 member-only access. To find a particular revision of a document that has multiple revisions posted in the document register, use Find by Number.

5000 DAM2 additional repertoire - code charts Michel Suignard, Project editor 2018-06-21
5001 Egyptian Format Control Names Andrew Glass 2018-06-19
5002 Khitan Small Script Ad Hoc Report (London) Deborah Anderson, Peter Constable 2018-06-20
5003 Emoji Ad Hoc Report (London, UK) Deborah Anderson (SEI) 2018-06-20
5004 Proposal to add an Informative Note to U+1FB76 MEDIUM SIX SPOKED ASTERISK Karl Pentzlin 2018-06-21
5005 FDAM1 additional repertoire - code charts Michel Suignard, Project editor 2018-06-23
5006 CD 10646 6th Edition additional repertoire - code charts, original Michel Suignard, Project editor 2018-08-16
5007 CJK Extension G - IRGN2308IRG_Working_Set2015v6.0 (XLS) IRG 2018-06-11
5008 Feedback on draft candidates for Emoji 12.0 Michael Everson 2018-07-18
5009 Proposal to encode: SYMBOL FOR TYPE A ELECTRONICS (revised) Eduardo MarĂ­n Silva 2018-08-03
5010 Proposal to encode the Chorasmian script in Unicode Anshuman Pandey 2018-07-26
5011 Comments on proposed Vietnamese Reading Marks Andrew West, et al. 2018-08-30
5012 Discussion of Glyph Error of Phags-pa Alternate YA Andrew West 2018-08-30
5013 Feedback on N4836 Proposal to add LATIN LETTER THORN WITH DIAGONAL STROKE  Peter Stokes, et al. 2018-08-06