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X3L2 Document Register for 1991

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A few documents have been password protected at the request of their originators, and are limited to UTC member-only access. To find a particular revision of a document that has multiple revisions posted in the document register, use Find by Number.

Doc № Subject Source Date Project
X3L2/SD-3 Archival copy of original SD-3 1991 document register (DOC) Edwin Hart 9/22/1992 admin
X3L2/91-1 RLG Position Paper on Han Unification Karen Smith-Yoshimura 1/2/1991 396-D
X3L2/91-2 Joint National/International Standards Development Projects   12/11/1990 ADMIN
X3L2/91-3 Liaisons with T1 Technical Committees   12/11/1990 ADMIN
X3L2/91-4 Analysis of Unicode Hasegawa 1/11/1991 396-D
X3L2/91-5 Unbounded Repertoire and its Problems Hasegawa 1/7/1991 396-D
X3L2/91-6 Concerns of Terminology in DIS 10646 Kienzel/P. 1/10/1991 396-D
X3L2/91-7 Letter to Collins/Andersen Anderson 1/10/1991 396-D
X3L2/91-8 Integrated Standard Code for Indic and SouthEast Asian Alphabets (ISCISEA) Lloyd Anderson 1/10/1991 396-D
X3L2/91-9 Unicode 1.0 Draft Standard Unicode   396-D
X3L2/91-10 Unicode 1.0 Non-Ideographic Char. Names Unicode   396-D
X3L2/91-11R Editorial Comments on ISO/DIS 10646 Edwin Hart 4/8/1991 396-D
X3L2/91-11R2 Editorial Comments on ISO/DIS 10646 Edwin Hart   396-D
X3L2/91-12 Proposal to Integrate Unicode in DIS 10646 Scheinberg 1991 396-D
X3L2/91-13 Response to X3L2/91-3 (Unbounded Repertoire) Becker 1/14/1991 396-D
X3L2/91-14 Comments to Unicode, Intro & Open Issues Anderson 1991 396-D
X3L2/91-15 Response to X3L2/91-3 (Unbounded Repertoire) Rosenne 1/12/1991 396-D
X3L2/91-16 Comments on ISO-IEC JTC1/SC2/WG2 N669 US 1/16/1991 396-D
X3L2/91-17 Outline Position Han Unification (Draft) X3L2 1/16/1991 396-D
X3L2/91-18 DRAFT Minutes for Meeting 154, Cupertino, CA Karen Smith-Yoshimura   ADMIN
X3L2/91-18R Minutes for Meeting 154, Cupertino, CA Karen Smith-Yoshimura   ADMIN
X3L2/91-19 US Experts attending WG2 Meeting 1991-05-13/17, California Edwin Hart, ANSI 1/23/1991 ADMIN
X3L2/91-20 ISO CD 10754 - Extension of the Cyrillic alphabet coded character set for non-Slavic languages for bibliographic information interchange Pat Harris, TC46/SC4 10/21/1990 396-D
X3L2/91-21 ISO 2022:1986 for Reaffirmation X3 Secretariat 1/31/1991 105-M
X3L2/91-22 A Range of Compromises in seeking to Merge the best features of Unicode and 10646 -- Diagrams Lloyd Anderson 1/23/1991 396-D
X3L2/91-23 Convenient arrangement of standard alphabets and symbols Lloyd Anderson Feb-91 396-D
X3L2/91-24 On the Extended Ethiopic Alphabet Lloyd Anderson Feb-91 396-D
X3L2/91-25 "Over-Constrained" coding and contradictory criteria: the potential for exaggeration, and avoidance of our duties Lloyd Anderson Feb-91 396-D
X3L2/91-26 Finite and Unbounded Repertoires at different levels Lloyd Anderson Feb-91 396-D
X3L2/91-27 Harmonizing fully-formed letters and independent diacritics Lloyd Anderson Feb-91 396-D
X3L2/91-28 Inherent structure and arbitrary consensus: two compatible bases for computer code standards for writing systems Lloyd Anderson Feb-91 396-D
X3L2/91-29 SHARE Survey, Goals, and Position on ISO/IEC DIS 10646 and Unicode Edwin Hart 3/4/1991 396-D
X3L2/91-30 10646U - Proposal to integrate Unicode and 10646 Canada    
X3L2/91-31 Meeting Notice, X3L2 Meeting No. 155 Jerry Andersen 3/13/1991 ADMIN
X3L2/91-32 DIS 8859-10 for ballot X3 Secretariat 2/21/1991 392-D
X3L2/91-33 Disposition of Comments on DIS 10538 - Control Functions for Text Communication JTC1 Secretariat 1/25/1991  
X3L2/91-34 ECMA TC1 letter concerning Unicode 1.0 D. Hekimi 1/29/1991 396-D
X3L2/91-35 Letter Ballot for Acceptance of ECMA as Registration Authority for ISO 7350 Jean-Michel Borde, SC2 Secretariat 1/15/1991  
X3L2/91-36 Working Paper for a Standard for Registration of Graphic Character Repertoires with their Attributes G. Bernard, ECMA/TC1 Jan-91  
X3L2/91-37 Revision of ISO 2022 Bruce Paterson, ECMA/TC1 Jan-91  
X3L2/91-38 Letter from Hekimi to Andersen, re: Minutes of the 153rd Meeting of X3L2 D. Hekimi 1/22/1991 ADMIN
X3L2/91-39 Letter from SPARC to X3L2 re reaffirmation of ANSI X3.4-1986 William Rinehuls, X3 Secretariat 2/14/1991 ADMIN
X3L2/91-40 Ballot on DIS 10646 [Canadian negative vote] Canada 3/5/1991 396-D
X3L2/91-41 Draft Agenda for X3L2 Meeting #155 (16-19 April, 1991) Jerry Andersen 3/18/1991 ADMIN
X3L2/91-42 Minutes of the 92nd Meeting of (ECMA) TC1, held in Geneva, 23rd-25th January 1991 TC1/91/7 1991 396-D
X3L2/91-43 Agreements on a Multilingual Character Code Lloyd Anderson Feb-91 396-D
X3L2/91-44 Recommendation for a U.S. vote to "Disapprove" ISO/IEC DIS 10646 Asmus Freytag, Mark Davis 3/21/1991 396-D
X3L2/91-45 Unified Han Character Set in ISO/IEC DIS 10646 Lee Collins 3/25/1991 396-D
X3L2/91-46 Deficiencies of Cyrillic Repertoire in ISO DIS 10646 Karen Smith-Yoshimura 3/26/1991 396-D
X3L2/91-47 Deficiencies of Extended Arabic Repertoire in ISO DIS 10646, Problems with Arabic Presentation Forms Karen Smith-Yoshimura 3/26/1991 396-D
X3L2/91-48 ECMA Enhancement Proposal for ISO/IEC DIS 10646 ECMA/TC1 Apr-91 396-D
X3L2/91-49 Letter, C. F. Morris to E. Hart re Unicode and 10646 Clark Morris 3/25/1991 396-D
X3L2/91-50 A proposal to bring Unicode and ISO 10646 closer Masami Hasegawa Jan-91 396-D
X3L2/91-51 Proposed requirements for accepting any new draft code standard for multilingual alphabets, such as ISO 10646 or Unicode 1.0 Lloyd Anderson 4/16/1991 396-D
X3L2/91-52 Transparent arrangement of circled and parenthetical alphanumerics Lloyd Anderson 1991 396-D
X3L2/91-53 Prop's for Handling Fundamental Pbms w/Unic. Anderson 4/16/1991 396-D
X3L2/91-54 How Well Are We Doing as Int. Stds Community Anderson 3/24/1991 396-D
X3L2/91-55 Dotted Circle Shows Pos. of Dependent Signs Anderson 1991 396-D
X3L2/91-56 Proposals for default BiDi Algorithm Anderson 1991 396-D
X3L2/91-57 "ECMA Enhancement Proposal for ISO/IEC DIS 10646" versus "10646U -- Proposal to integrate Unicode and 10646" Edwin Hart 4/17/1991 396-D
X3L2/91-57R "ECMA Enhancement Proposal for ISO/IEC DIS 10646" versus "10646U -- Proposal to integrate Unicode and 10646" Edwin Hart 4/17/1991 396-D
X3L2/91-58 Specification of Control Characters in ISO/DIS 10646 Edwin Hart 4/17/1991 396-D
X3L2/91-59 not assigned      
X3L2/91-60 not assigned      
X3L2/91-61 U.S. Position on DIS 10646     396-D
X3L2/91-62 DRAFT Minutes for Meeting 155, Nashua, NH Karen Smith-Yoshimura   ADMIN
X3L2/91-63 Letter, L. Merrick to J. Andersen Lew Merrick 6/12/1991  
X3L2/91-64 Letter, J. Andersen to L. Merrick Jerry Andersen 6/24/1991  
X3L2/91-65 Letter, SPARC chair to J. Andersen William Rinehuls 7/1/1991  
X3L2/91-66 Letter, L. Merrick to J. Andersen Lew Merrick 7/14/1991  
X3L2/91-67 Call for Participants in Document Distribution Project Jean-Paul Emard, X3 Secretariat 6/12/1991 ADMIN
X3L2/91-68 Comments on DIS 10646 from CODASYL COBOL Ann Wallace 6/26/1991 396-D
X3L2/91-69 Voting on JTC1 N1282, Korean Keyboard JTC1 Secretariat 6/25/1991  
X3L2/91-70 Voting on JTC1 N1283, Korean 7-bit Code JTC1 Secretariat 6/25/1991  
X3L2/91-71 Voting on JTC1 N1284, Korean 8-bit Code JTC1 Secretariat 6/25/1991  
X3L2/91-72 Memo, SPARC to X3L2 re Z39 Standard William Rinehuls, X3 Secretariat 6/21/1991  
X3L2/91-73 Comments on DIS 10646, from SHARE Europe Alain LaBonté, SHARE Europe 5/30/1991 396-D
X3L2/91-74 Final Follow-up for X3LB 1796: U.S. National Body Vote to Disapprove 10646 Barbara Bennett, X3 Secretariat 6/5/1991 396-D
X3L2/91-75 Personal Contribution, Report on Informal Meeting to Discuss 10646-Unicode Merger Edwin Hart 5/31/1991 396-D
X3L2/91-76 Unicode Consortium Resolution of Support for the Process to Merge ISO-IEC DIS 10646 and Unicode into a Single Code (10646M) Ken Whistler, Unicode 6/19/1991 396-D
X3L2/91-77 Meeting Notice, X3L2 Meeting No. 156 Jerry Andersen 7/25/1991 ADMIN
X3L2/91-78 Letter from R. Guditz; CAD symbols in 10646 Ralph Guditz Jul-91 396-D
X3L2/91-79 Approval of ISO 8859-1 as a U.S. Standard Edwin Hart Aug-91 392-D
X3L2/91-80 Ballot: approve ISO 4873 as ANS Edwin Hart Aug-91 495-D
X3L2/91-81 Editor's Recommendation on ANSI X3.4-1986 (7-bit ASCII) Edwin Hart Aug-91 12-M
X3L2/91-81R Editor's Recommendation on ANSI X3.4-1986 (7-bit ASCII) Edwin Hart Aug-91 12-M
X3L2/91-82 Announcement of SC2 Plenary Meeting in Rennes, 14-17 October, 1991 Jean-Michel Borde, SC2 Secretariat 6/15/1991 ADMIN
X3L2/91-82.1 Draft agenda for the third Plenary meeting of JTC1/SC2, Rennes France 14-17-oct-1991 Jean-Michel Borde, SC2 Secretariat    
X3L2/91-83 Proposed Policy for Collection and Accounting of Subgroup Funds Jean-Paul Emard, X3 Secretariat 6/5/1991 ADMIN
X3L2/91-84 Review of the Procedures for U.S. Hosting International WG Meetings X3 Secretariat 5/13/1991 ADMIN
X3L2/91-85 TC 173 Proposals for new work items for Braille Coding   3/20/1991  
X3L2/91-86 Newly Published ANSI Procedures for U.S. Participation in the International Standards Activities of the ISO   7/18/1991 ADMIN
X3L2/91-87 Table of Replies for voting on DIS 10646 SC2 Secretariat 1991 396-D
X3L2/91-87.1 Austrian Comments on DIS 10646 Austria    
X3L2/91-87.2 Canada Ballot Response on DIS 10646 of December 1990 Canada    
X3L2/91-87.3 Comments of the Chinese National Body Accompanying the vote of disapproval on DIS 10646 China    
X3L2/91-87.4 Comments of Czechoslovak National Committee of IEC Czechoslovakia    
X3L2/91-87.5 Danish Comments on DIS 10646 Denmark    
X3L2/91-87.6 Finland's vote on ISO/IEC DIS 10646 Hannu Havusto, Finland    
X3L2/91-87.7 Germany votes "Yes" with comment on ISO/IEC DIS 10 646 Germany    
X3L2/91-87.8 Indian Comments on ISO/IEC DIS 10646 Universal Coded Character Sets (UCS) India    
X3L2/91-87.9 Irish Comments on DIS 10646 Ireland    
X3L2/91-87.10 Japanese member body comments on DIS 10646 Japan    
X3L2/91-87.11 Korean Comments on DIS 10646 Korea    
X3L2/91-87.12 Comments accompanying the negative vote of the Netherlands on DIS 10646 (SC2 N2211) Netherlands    
X3L2/91-87.13 Comments accompanying the Swedish vote of disapproval of ISO/IEC DIS 10646 Sweden    
X3L2/91-87.14 TISI, Thailand Comment on ISO/IEC DIS 10646 Thailand    
X3L2/91-87.15 UK Comments on ISO/IEC DIS 10646 UK    
X3L2/91-87.16 US Comments on DIS 10646 US    
X3L2/91-87.17 USSR comments on DIS 10646 USSR    
X3L2/91-87.18 Yugoslav position for ISO/IEC DIS 10646 Yugoslavia    
X3L2/91-88 Additional comments accompanying ballots for voting on DIS 10646 SC2 Secretariat 1991 396-D
X3L2/91-88.1 French Comments on DIS 10646 France    
X3L2/91-88.2 Egyptian Comments on ISO DIS 10646 Egypt    
X3L2/91-88.3 Israel Comments Accompanying Ballot on DIS 10646 - JTC1/SC2/N2166 Israel    
X3L2/91-88.4 Contribution from the Hellenic National Committee "ELOT TE 48 - IT Standardization" accompanying the Greek vote for ISO/DIS 10646 Evangelos Melagrakis, Greece    
X3L2/91-88.5 Turkish vote on DIS 10646 Ibrahim Atikler, Turkey    
X3L2/91-88.6 Brazilian vote on DIS 10646 Paulo Mauricio Pereira, Brazil    
X3L2/91-88.7 Italian vote on DIS 10646 R. Morandi, Italy    
X3L2/91-88.8 Liaison Statement to SC 2 From SC 18 on DIS 10646 Bernadette St. John, SC18 Secretariat    
X3L2/91-88.9 Liaison Statement from ISO TC46/SC 4 to ISO-IEC JTC1 SC 2 Concerning DIS 10646 TC46/SC4    
X3L2/91-88.10 Position de Share Europe sur le projet de jeu de caractères universel Alain LaBonté, SHARE Europe    
X3L2/91-89 Letter from Emard, Director, X3 Secretariat, re X3L2/91-90 Jean-Paul Emard 5/24/1991 396-D
X3L2/91-90 Letter from John Klensin, X3J3 Chair, re US Position on DIS 10646 Klensin 5/14/1991 396-D
X3L2/91-91 Letter, Van Stone to Andersen re 10646 Larry Van Stone 7/12/1991 396-D
X3L2/91-92 Notice of Reaffirmation of X3.21/X3.26 Louise Germani, ANSI 1/4/1991 ADMIN
X3L2/91-93 Letter re Freytag re appointment as X3L2 IR Joanne Flanagan, X3 Secretariat 8/2/1991 ADMIN
X3L2/91-94 Notice of Reaffirmation of X3.6 Lynn Barra 1/17/1991 ADMIN
X3L2/91-95 File Retention Program Laura Schimler, X3 Secretariat 8/5/1991 ADMIN
X3L2/91-96 Permission for Reproduction of ISO/IEC Copyrighted Materials Jean-Paul Emard, X3 Secretariat 1/22/1991 ADMIN
X3L2/91-97 Draft Agenda for X3L2 Meeting #156 (16-20 Sept., 1991) Jerry Andersen 8/17/1991 ADMIN
X3L2/91-98 U.S. National Activity Report (DRAFT) [for SC2 Plenary] Jerry Andersen 8/20/1991 ADMIN
X3L2/91-99 Encoding Order for Char. Modifiers (Letter) Randall K. Barry 8/14/1991 396-D
X3L2/91-100 COMMON Position on DIS 10646 & Unicode COMMON 6/4/1991 396-D
X3L2/91-101 Minutes of WG2 Meeting 20 Mike Ksar 8/27/1991 396-D
X3L2/91-102 Summary of Voting "Adoption of 8859-1 as an American standard" Edwin Hart 9/25/1991 492-D
X3L2/91-103 Resolution of Votes on ISO 646 D. Hekimi Aug-91  
X3L2/91-104 Report on the resolution of comments on DIS 4873 D. Hekimi Aug-91  
X3L2/91-105 Final Text of ISO 646 SC2/WG3 Aug-91  
X3L2/91-106 X3.4-1986 ANSI 1986  
X3L2/91-107 Ballot to reaffirm X3.4-1986 Edwin Hart 9/12/1991 12-M
X3L2/91-108 Final text for ISO/IEC 4873 D. Hekimi, SC2/WG3 Aug-91 495-D
X3L2/91-109 Summary of Voting: X3L2 recommendation to reaffirm ANSI X3.4-1986 as an American National Standard Edwin Hart 10/28/1991 12-M
X3L2/91-110 Summary of Voting: X3L2 recommendation to adopt ISO 4873-1991 as an American National Standard Edwin Hart 10/28/1991 495-D
X3L2/91-111 X3L2 Recommendation to Reaffirm ANSI X3.4 Edwin Hart 10/28/1991 12-M
X3L2/91-112 X3L2 Recommendation to adopt ISO 4873-1991 as an American National Standard Edwin Hart 10/28/1991 495-D
X3L2/91-113 X3L2 Recommendation to adopt ISO 8859-1:1987 as an American National Standard Edwin Hart 10/25/1991 492-D
X3L2/91-114 not assigned      
X3L2/91-115 Unicode Resolution of Continued Support and the Process to Merge ISO-IEC DIS 10646 and Unicode into a Single Code Unicode 9/16/1991 396-D
X3L2/91-116 not assigned      
X3L2/91-117 Figures illustrating SC18/WG8 document processing model Edwin Smura   396-D
X3L2/91-118 Draft Disposition of US Comments on ISO/IEC DIS 10646 Edwin Hart 8/27/1991 396-D
X3L2/91-119 not assigned      
X3L2/91-120 Annual Report, ASC X3 Technical Committee X3L2, Codes and Character Sets, Period: November 1990 through October 1991 Jerry Andersen 11/7/1991 ADMIN
X3L2/91-121 Working Paper, Character/Glyph Model Rick McGowan 9/18/1991 396-D
X3L2/91-122 Letter to Pat Harris, NISO, re relationship between X3L2 and NISO Jerry Andersen 9/18/1991 ADMIN
X3L2/91-123 DRAFT Minutes for Meeting 156, Redmond, WA Karen Smith-Yoshimura 9/25/1991 ADMIN