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About the UnicodeĀ® Pipeline Table

The Pipeline Table lists the characters, scripts, and variation sequences that the Unicode Technical Committee has accepted for inclusion in future versions of the Unicode Standard, to help implementers track future additions to the standard.

The Archive of Nonapproval Notices lists characters or scripts which have been formally disapproved, including relevant dates and the reasons for the disapproval.

Interested persons should consult each of these tables before submitting new proposals for encoding of characters, to ensure that a similar proposal is not already under consideration or that the characters or script in question have not already been accepted or rejected for encoding.

Charts for already standardized characters are available at the Unicode Code Charts location. See About the Online Code Charts.

As proposed new characters move closer in the process towards final standardization, preliminary charts are posted for beta review. See the Beta Notice for information about preliminary charts and other issues currently in beta review.

The use of proposed or accepted characters is at implementers' own risk; the allocation of the characters may change before they are published in the Unicode Standard.

Information is also available regarding Proposed New Scripts. For information on the proposal process itself, please see Submitting New Characters or Scripts.

See the Roadmaps for an overall view of of the ranges for already published characters, together with the most recent plan for future allocations of new characters.