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UnicodeĀ® Script Ad Hoc Group

The goal of the Unicode Script Ad Hoc Group is to provide recommendations to the Unicode Technical Committee (UTC) on encoding proposals and other documents, outside of CJK or emoji-related topics. These recommendations reflect the collective discussion of the participants, and are intended to guide further discussion at the UTC meetings, particularly regarding complex topics that require an extended, in-depth discussion. Preparation of summary recommendations makes the decision process during plenary UTC meetings more efficient. The recommendations are not binding—the Unicode Technical Committee makes the final decisions on all proposals.

A secondary goal of the Script Ad Hoc Group is to assist proposal authors in updating their proposals to meet the exacting technical requirements of the UTC. Rather than forwarding a recommendation for a promising, but incomplete, proposal to the UTC, where the proposal might simply be rejected for incompleteness, the Script Ad Hoc Group is authorized to work with authors in an iterative process, providing specific feedback for improvement and suggesting further discussion and updating of the proposal. Such interaction can assist new proposals authors who may be unfamiliar with the details of the Unicode Standard or the standardization requirements of the UTC.

The scope of the Script Ad Hoc Group includes all proposals for the encoding of new scripts, modern or historic, as well as proposals for non-emoji symbols, punctuation, or notational systems. CJK-related proposals are handled by the CJK & Unihan group. Emoji proposals are handled by the Unicode Emoji Subcommittee.


The Script Ad Hoc Group meets face-to-face on a regular basis, usually one day a month in San Francisco. Meetings are scheduled in an effort to guarantee that a full, quarterly report of proposal reviews can be provided in a timely manner to each meeting of the Unicode Technical Committee.

Note: During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic crisis, until further notice, all Script Ad Hoc Group meetings are held via teleconference or video conference.

Script Ad Hoc Group Participants

The Script Ad Hoc Group meetings are organized and chaired by Deborah Anderson and Roozbeh Pournader. Participation is by language experts from the Unicode Technical Committee or by permission of the chair. Especially for complex script topics, the Script Ad Hoc Group reaches out to proposal authors, to ensure that their feedback is part of the process, and so they may answer questions that the proposal reviewers may have about various character proposals.

Reports of the Script Ad Hoc Group

Each quarter, before a UTC meeting, the chair of the Script Ad Hoc Group prepares a report for the UTC, encompassing the recommendations of all the Script Ad Hoc Group meetings since the prior UTC. These reports are added to the UTC document register as publicly accessible documents.

For convenience in reference, a complete list of all Script Ad Hoc Group reports, dating back to 2010, is also maintained.

Confidentiality of Meeting Discussions

The Script Ad Hoc Group engages in frank discussions regarding complex, technical content. As an ad hoc group reporting to the UTC, it follows the same general rules regarding confidentiality of meeting discussions. Citing from the Technical Committee Procedures of the Unicode Consortium, "Discussions during meetings are confidential and are not to be shared publicly without explicit permission of the chair."

Intermediate drafts of the Script Ad Hoc Group reports are also confidential, until they can be vetted and any errors corrected. The final reports, which then represent the Script Ad Hoc Group consensus recommendations, are public documents.