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Unicode® Editorial Committee

The Unicode Editorial Committee is broadly responsible for technical editing of specifications, charts, and data maintained by the Unicode Technical Committee. It is a permanent auxiliary committee, reporting to the Unicode Technical Committee. The Editorial Committee does not make final decisions regarding the UTC's technical specifications, but rather is responsible for maintaining high quality documentation and presentation of materials for final publication, responsive to the technical direction of the Unicode Technical Committee. This charter is in service of the Unicode Consortium's general goals to make it easy for enterprises and communities worldwide to access and use its freely available specifications and data.

The Unicode officers have also delegated responsibility to the Editorial Committee for the overall maintenance of that portion of the Unicode technical website relevant to the UTC's scope of work, including technical FAQs, publications and much other technical information on the site.


Participation in the Unicode Editorial Committee is open to talented technical editors who are interested in assisting in the editing of Unicode Standard and other technical specifications maintained by the Unicode Technical Committee. Participating editors do not need to be members of the Unicode Consortium or employees of companies that are Unicode members, although we always encourage editors to sign up as individual members. People who wish to help out with this ongoing work should contact the chair of the Unicode Editorial Committee for more information on how to get involved.

Over the years, many individuals have contributed to the technical specifications of the Unicode Consortium and to other content of the Unicode website, whether as authors of original proposals archived in the UTC Document Register, by feedback on Public Review Issues, through email, and technical committee discussions, or by other formal feedback. Details about these many contributors can be found at Acknowledgements.


The Editorial Committee meets on a regular basis, usually twice per month, or as needed, depending on current workload. Meetings always include a video conferencing capability, to allow remote participation. There are also occasional, shorter video conferences devoted to specific editorial tasks. Participants may work with the chair to schedule particular topics for discussion.

Editorial Committee Regular Participants

Regular participants in the Editorial Committee attend the meetings on an ongoing basis, either in person or via teleconference, and regularly assist in the direct editorial maintenance of various documents and web pages. Current regular participants include:

Editorial Committee Regular Participants

Deborah Anderson Jan Kučera
Fred Brennan Liang Hai (梁海), Vice-Chair
Christopher Chapman Ken Lunde
Peter Constable Rick McGowan
Craig Cummings Markus Scherer
Lorna Evans Michel Suignard
Asmus Freytag Ken Whistler, Vice-Chair (Acting Chair)
Josh Hadley Ben Yang
Richard Ishida  

Contributing Editors

In addition to the regular participants in the Editorial Committee, many individuals contribute to the editorial work of the Unicode Consortium as editors or co-editors of particular technical specifications. These contributing editors are responsible for the ongoing editorial maintenance of these specifications and also occasionally join the Editorial Committee meetings for final editorial work on their documents. Note that editorial work on UTS #35 is handled specifically by the CLDR-TC.

The list of contributing editors changes from time to time as new specifications are created or editorial responsibility changes hands. The current list of contributing editors for specifications in active development and maintenance is:

Contributing Editors

Editor Specification(s)
Shane Carr UTS #35 Part 3
Christopher Chapman UAX #14; UAX #29
Richard Cook UAX #38; UTS #37
Mark Davis UAX #9, UAX #31; UTS #18, UTS #35 Part 1, UTS #39, UTS #46, UTS #51; UTR #36
Peter Edberg UTS #35 Part 4
Lorna Evans UTR #53
Asmus Freytag UTR #17, UTR #23, UTR #33
Bob Hallissy UTR #53
Ned Holbrook UTS #51
Laurențiu Iancu UAX #42
Richard Ishida UTR #20
Koji Ishii UAX #50
Robin Leroy UAX #31
Steven Loomis UTS #35 Parts 6 and 7
Ken Lunde UAX #11, UAX #38, UAX #45, UAX #50; UTS #37
Rick McGowan UAX #41 (and dormant specifications not in current maintenance)
Eric Muller UAX #42
Roozbeh Pournader UTR #53
Murray Sargent III UTR #25
Markus Scherer UTS #10, UTS #35 Part 5, UTS #46
Michel Suignard UTS #39, UTS #46; UTR #36
Yoshito Umaoka UTS #35 Part 2
Ken Whistler UAX #9, UAX #15, UAX #24, UAX #34, UAX #41, UAX #44; UTS #10; UTR #17, UTR #23, UTR #33, UTR #54

Core Specification Editors

The core specification has benefited by the participation of many authors, editors, and reviewers over the years. Acknowledgements and editor lists for early versions can be found at the Archive of Unicode Versions. The following individuals are primarily responsible for the ongoing, current maintenance of the core specification.

Current Core Specification Editors

Editor Role(s)
Debbie Anderson Contributing Editor
Joe Becker Index Editor
Fred Brennan Contributing Editor
Peter Edberg Contributing Editor
Lorna Evans Contributing Editor
Andrew Glass Contributing Editor
Liang Hai (梁海) Contributing Editor
Richard Ishida Contributing Editor
Jan Kučera Contributing Editor
Norbert Lindenberg Contributing Editor
Ken Lunde Contributing Editor
Rick McGowan Figures Editor, Font Wrangler
Roozbeh Pournader Contributing Editor
Ken Whistler Managing Editor
Ben Yang Contributing Editor

Code Charts Editors

The code charts for the Unicode Standard constitute a specialized area of editorial expertise. They are maintained in synchrony with the published code charts for ISO/IEC 10646, so require close cooperation with the project editor for that standard. The processing of the Unicode names list and the large collection of fonts necessary for the code charts production is done with custom layout tooling known as Unibook. Many people help in the review of all the content in the code charts, but the following individuals are primarily responsible for the ongoing editing, production, and presentation of the code charts on this website:

Code Charts Editors

Editor Role(s)
Joe Becker Editor, Character Index
Mark Davis Editor, Auxiliary Charts
Asmus Freytag Author and maintainer of Unibook
Richard Ishida Editor, Code Charts Index
Rick McGowan Project lead, code charts; Manager, chart fonts repository
Michel Suignard ISO/IEC 10646 Project Editor; Editor, code charts
Ken Whistler Editor, names list annotations; QA control

Data File Editors

The maintenance of the versioned data files posted in the Public directory of the Unicode website is another specialized area of editorial expertise. Oversight of the technical content of the data files is the responsibility of the Unicode Technical Committee and its Properties & Algorithms Group and the Emoji Subcommittee. The following individuals are currently responsible for the ongoing maintenance of these data files. Note that this listing does not cover the data files associated with the Common Locale Data Repository (CLDR), which is maintained with complex processes and tools managed by the CLDR-TC.

Data File Editors

Editor Data Areas
Mark Davis UCD, emoji, idna, security
Peter Edberg emoji
Manish Goregaokar UCD
Ned Holbrook emoji
Laurențiu Iancu UCD, UCD in XML, math
Ken Lunde UCD (Unihan)
Eric Muller UCD in XML
Roozbeh Pournader UCD, security
Markus Scherer UCA, UCD
Michel Suignard ISO/IEC 10646 data
Ken Whistler UCD, UCA

Other Editors

There are other specialized editors outside the context of the Unicode Editorial Committee who focus on particular subareas of the Unicode website. Each subsite or registry has a particular owning group. These other editors and their roles are:

Other Editors

Editor Owning Group Area of Focus
Ken Lunde Consortium IVD Registrar; Editor, IVD Registry subsite
Eric Muller Consortium Editor, UDHR in Unicode
Markus Scherer Consortium ISO 15924 (Script Codes) Registrar; Editor, ISO 15924 Registry
V.S. UMAmaheswaran UTC Lead Editor, Unicode Roadmap

Major Subsites

Owning Group Subsite
Emoji SC Emoji subsite
ICU-TC ICU-TC subsite