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Public Review Issues

Open Issues

No. Title Closing Date Originator
480 Unicode 15.1.0 Beta 2023.07.04 UTC
479 Proposed Update UTS #53, Unicode Arabic Mark Rendering 2023.07.04 UTC
478 Proposed Update UTS #46, Unicode IDNA Compatibility Processing 2023.07.04 UTC
477 Proposed Update UTS #10, Unicode Collation Algorithm 2023.07.04 UTC
476 LDML (UTR#35) Part 7: Keyboards 2023.07.15 CLDR-TC
475 Proposed Update UTS #18, Unicode Regular Expressions 2023.07.04 UTC
474 Draft UTS #55, Unicode Source Code Handling 2023.07.04 UTC
471 Proposed Update UTS #51, Unicode Emoji 2023.07.04 UTC
470 Proposed Update UAX #24, Unicode Script Property 2023.07.04 UTC
469 Proposed Update UAX #29, Unicode Text Segmentation 2023.07.04 UTC
468 Proposed Update UAX #45, U-source Ideographs 2023.07.04 UTC
467 Proposed Update UAX #38, Unicode Han Database (Unihan) 2023.07.04 UTC
465 Proposed Update UAX #44, Unicode Character Database 2023.07.04 UTC
464 Proposed Update UAX #41, Common References for Unicode Standard Annexes 2023.07.04 UTC
463 Proposed Update UTS #39, Unicode Security Mechanisms 2023.07.04 UTC
462 Proposed Update UAX #31, Unicode Identifiers and Syntax 2023.07.04 UTC
461 Proposed Update UAX #14, Unicode Line Breaking Algorithm 2023.07.04 UTC
460 Proposed Update UAX #9, Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm 2023.07.04 UTC
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About Public Review Issues

From time to time the Unicode Consortium seeks wide public review and feedback for certain proposed actions. The purpose of the review is to elicit better information on the practical impact of such proposals on users or implementers as well as broaden the review of technical details. Any feedback on Public Review Issues will be used in the deliberations of the relevant Unicode Consortium technical committee or the IVD Registrar. Each Public Review Issue has a number, title, and a deadline for receipt of comments. The originator of each Public Review Issue is also indicated, to help reviewers in directing their feedback. The link on the title points to a description of the issue, which may also include other background documents.

Public Review Issues are often targeted at the next version of a particular specification, such as the Unicode Standard. Where the specification is issued by the Unicode Technical Committee, the closing date is set to one week before the next quarterly UTC meeting so that any feedback can be reviewed in the meeting. When the specification is due for release only after further UTC meetings, the closing date is typically extended to each subsequent meeting to allow for more feedback.

Announcements about Public Review Issues are published in the Unicode Blog. Users who wish to be informed about new Public Review Issues can subscribe to the RSS feed of the blog.

Discussion and Formal Feedback

Organizations and interested individuals are invited to submit public review comments on these issues. When submitting formal feedback, be sure to indicate the number and title of the issue you are providing feedback for, and try to be as explicit as possible in your suggestions.

Issues may be discussed on the Unicode Mail List. See the individual PRI pages for information about how to provide formal feedback on a particular issue.

The response you receive on your feedback depends on the type of issue and the committee responsible for that issue. The table below gives particulars on when you can expect responses and dispositions.

Originator Feedback Form Comments
UTC Online contact form Feedback intended for consideration at a future Unicode Technical Committee meeting must be submitted at least one week before the start of that meeting. Meetings are held quarterly and the schedule is posted on the Unicode Calendar of Events. Feedback is screened by a staff member and acknowledged immediately, within 2-3 business days of submission. Final response and disposition of PRI feedback is made after committee deliberations, usually within two to three weeks after the closing date of the PRI. Note that all formal feedback received on a PRI through the online contact form will be publicly accessible and linked from the PRI documentation page.
CLDR-TC Unicode CLDR ticket Formal feedback is reviewed weekly as part of the committee's usual process. Responses are handled through the bug-tracking system using the contact information you provide.
IVD Registrar Online contact form Formal feedback must be submitted during the period while the PRI is open. The IVD registrar reviews feedback periodically and individual responses are usually sent within 2-3 weeks after the review period ends.

You may also wish to join the Unicode mail list, where open discussion of all issues related to the Unicode Standard is held, or the CLDR users discussion list, where open discussion of CLDR issues is held. Please note that informal discussion on the email lists is not automatically recorded as formal feedback on Public Review Issues. Please use the appropriate online contact form or bug reporting form, as indicated above.

Public Review Issues are different from public resolutions of the Unicode Consortium on external issues of particular public importance to the computing industry. Such resolutions are documented as Unicode Consortium Public Positions.

Note: For constraints on proposed changes, see the Unicode Stability Policies.


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