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Unicode Standard

Unicode and Internationalization:

Best Practices in the Networked World

San Jose, California, USA

September 7-10, 2004

Is your staff aware of recent new directions in the world of Unicode and internationalization? Are your products at risk of becoming outdated?

Returning to Silicon Valley, this Unicode and Internationalization Conference will deliver the information your staff needs to insure your products are built on the best practices in the industry. Topics covered include internationalization of mail and web addresses, proposed changes in language tagging, the latest in Java 1.5, .NET, MAC OS, ICU, and the new locales repository. Of course, many languages and scripts are covered and there are now 1.5 days of our highly acclaimed tutorials, including Unicode 4.0.

In addition, registration for this conference includes admission to Transdex, a new event covering localization topics, that will be located in the same venue.

This is the premier technical conference worldwide for both software and Web internationalization. For those involved in internationalization of software and the Web, or Unicode-enabling software, this event provides you with the training and peer networking you need to stay current.


New Developments
Leaders in the field will discuss new developments in their areas, including:

• The new Common Locale Data Repository (CLDR)

• Internationalised Web addresses: the Internationalized Domain Names and Internationalized Resource Identifiers (IRI)

• The proposed replacement for RFC3066 language tagging

• Supplementary characters in Java (New in Java 1.5)

• Indic script development and deployment

• Internationalization Outsourcing

• Overview and Getting Started with ICU

Co-located with Localization groups
Registration for this conference also includes admission to Transdex! Transdex is a forum covering GILT (Globalization, Internationalization, Localization and Translation) topics. Transdex is run by organizations at the forefront of the localization industry, ACCTI, CSN, and GALA.

In addition, TILP (The Institute of Localisation Professionals) is chairing a track on localization during the conference.

Tutorials and implementation support
The conference tutorial track features the tutorial on Unicode 4.0 (the latest version) officially sanctioned by the Unicode Consortium. In addition, attendees can choose from 13 more tutorials to get a thorough education on topics in software and web internationalization. See the program for details as well as the coverage of implementation on several platforms: Windows, Unix, Java, Mac OS, and ICU.

Exhibitor's Showcase and Panel Sessions
Registration also gives admission to the conference Showcase where you can learn about the latest in GILT products and services.

Register now for IUC26, including admission to both Transdex and the Showcase.

IUC26 at a Glance

New and Proposed Standards

• Unicode 4.0.1

• Internationalizing Web and Mail Addresses

• Language Tags

Common Locale Data Repository

Implementing Internationalization

• Windows, Java, .Net, ICU, Mac OSX

• Complex scripts


Showcase and more!

Key Cut-off Dates

Printed tutorial proceedings option:

August 6, 2004

Hotel cut-off:

August 18, 2004

Early-bird registration:

August 18, 2004


DoubleTree Hotel,
San Jose, CA, USA

September 7-10, 2004

International Unicode Conferences are organized by Global Meeting Services, Inc., (GMS). GMS is pleased to be able to offer the International Unicode Conferences under an exclusive license granted by the Unicode Consortium. All responsibility for conference finances and operations is borne by GMS. The independent conference board serves solely at the pleasure of GMS and is composed of volunteers active in Unicode and in international software development. All inquiries regarding International Unicode Conferences should be addressed to

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